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Premium Single Slumber Party Inclusions 🌸

Hand madeTeepees with Covers 

Foam Mattresses & Protectors          
Fitted Sheet & Plush Blanket      

3-4  Cushions 

Fairy Lights  & Bunting    

Foldable Tables   

Lanterns with tea lights 

Name Boards       

Birthday  Sign      

Themed Accessories    

*Please note we do not provide sleeping pillows or cases your guests will need to supply their own. 

We come and set up your teepee party and collect the next day

Each Teepee measures 1 m x 2.3m [includes tables] please measure your area, with space to move will need to moveALL  furniture from the room you would like to use.

mexican fun bright colours
beach coastal 6.heic
flower town 2.heic


white and lace boho teepees

Premium LuxuryTeepees

Minimum hire 2- 3 teepees $210
4 Teepees $240
5 Teepees $280
6 Teepees $320
7 Teepees $360

8 Teepees $400
Add a teepee on $40 per teepee

[Minimum spend for over 35kms is $300 plus delivery charges ]​

Free delivery up to 15km from Iluka🌸

15-20km $30 delivery fee
20-25km $40 delivery fee
25-30km $50 delivery fee
30-35km $60 delivery fee
35-40km $70 delivery fee
40-45kms $80 delivery fee
45-50kms $90 delivery fee
50-55kms $100 delivery fee
Please keep in mind the distance is 4x we have to travel..


We do not deliver over 50km from Iluka.

Servicing Most Areas up to 50kms from Iluka

(however if you would like to book a large event please contact me).🌸

Premium Double Teepee Slumber Parties Inclusions 
sleeps 2 people🌸


Double Teepees with covers
2 x Foam  Single Mattresses
& Protectors
Fitted Sheets & Plush Blankets
4 x Cushions
Dreamcatchers or Hanging   Boards
Fairy lights  & Bunting
Crates with Lanterns
Themed Accessories 
Birthday Sign

*Please note we do not provide sleeping pillows or cases your guests will need to supply their own.


lace double teepees dreamcatchers
camp out with friends 3.jpg


beach coastal doubles 1.heic

1 Teepee $200
2 Teepees $250
3 Teepees $320
4 Teepees $390


Add a wow factor to your slumber party with a 2m 
Professional balloon garland on each double teepee for $90per teepee.

Canopy Slumber Party

Canopy with covers
Sheets and Plush Blankets
Bundle of Cushions
Floor Rugs &Lanterns
Fairy Lights & Bunting
Themed accessories
Birthday Sign Board


canopy boho.heic


canopy animal print.heic

4 Beds $240
5 Beds $270
6Beds $300
7Beds $330
8 Beds $360
Add an luxuries  large Balloon Garland for $120

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